McIntosh & Partners Ltd

McIntosh and Partners specialise in swimming pools from the survey right through to the installation and maintenance. We also undertake building work

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools At McIntosh & Partners Ltd

Swimming Pool

We will be please to advise and design outdoor and indoor pools with purpose built enclosures or preparatory buildings.

Swimming Pool Construction & Renovation

  • Concrete pools constructed with tiled finish
  • Liner pools constructed with a replaceable vinyl liner finish
  • Renovation of both concrete and liner pools
  • Automatic slatted and safety covers installed
  • Summer heat retaining covers installed
  • Winter Debris covers
  • Pumps and filters installed
  • Boiler, gas and oil fired, installed
  • Solar heating installed
  • Electrical work carried out to comply IP rating for pools
  • Automatic cleaners installed
  • Maintenance cleaning equipment supplies
  • Chemicals and chemical dosing machines supplies